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touchscreen media
    interactive presentations

Touchscreens are rapidly becoming the common user interface for many public applications such as ATMs, kiosks and point-of-sale, as they offer an effective and interactive form of information management.

We have designed and constructed touchscreen presentations for use at the Royal Show, where users were able to take themselves through the presentation at their own pace, going straight to the sections that were relevant to them.

Evaluation is an essential aspect of producing touchscreen presentation. Here are a few pointers to successful use of touchsreen information transfer:

Make the application intuitive, limit choices, and guide the user as much as possible
Test your application on focus groups. If users pause in confusion - even for a moment - you've identified the areas that need improvement.
Make your application fun and fast
Users will walk away from a sluggish system. You can keep their attention with a quick response to touches. Graphics modes offering excessive colours or high resolution only slow down your system. Using more colours is typically more effective than using higher resolutions.
Use bright background colours (not black)
Bright backgrounds in your application will hide fingerprints and reduce glare. Dithering or other patterned backgrounds (for example, the "crumpled paper look") help the eye focus on the screen image instead of reflections, even in areas where there are no icons or menu choices.
Run your application full screen
Remove title bars and menu bars so your application can take full advantage of the entire display area.

Touchscreen kiosks offer an attractive and interactive access point